Boarding School Holds Its Annual JSB 2012

As spring calls for blossoming flowers, so does it call for JSB at Canyonville Christian Academy.

This Saturday of April 14, 2012, JSB will start with a walk out ceremony at 3:30pm, after walk outs, there will be a moment to take pictures and enjoy before they leave for dinner. Students and guests will have dinner in a Medford restaurant and after a great meal, the students will then be taken out to watch a movie, which will also be the last event of the day before heading back to school.


2012 Spring Junior Senior Banquet At A Boarding School!

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Time flies, the scene of  last year’ Junior and Senior Banquet  was still in my head but here we are one year later and it’s time for JSB again!

This year, Canyonville Christian Academy’s 2012 Spring Banquet is on April 14th. Everyone here at CCA as a junior or a senior student are busy preparing their clothes and dresses which must get approved by the office. We have a pretty busy schedule set up for JSB. we are enjoying our warm spring day of April.  Hope yours is awesome also.

Music of The Week

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This is the last week before spring break and also is Canyonville Christian Academy‘s spiritual week. You will definitely feel how excited we are if you were in our school. The worship team form other church came to our school yesterday to kick out our spiritual week for us. Almost everyone in the church yesterday was dancing, singing, laughing and worshiping God together. I wish everyday is a spiritual day.

Worship With “The Father’s House” At CCA

The last week to Spring break is a great time for Spiritual Emphasis at CCA.

With limited amount of assignments and most assignments having been turned in, students get a lower work load and are able to focus on what the Lord has in store for them.

Spiritual Emphasis week began Sunday afternoon, with “The Father’s House” worship team leading us into worship. It was a whole new way of worshiping for some students since they aren’t used to people jumping up and down and having fun worshiping.

Pr. Hal Santos and his wife Pam are the guest speakers this week teaching about “My One and only Life”. The message is to encourage us that a Life worth living, is one with hope, and the only way to have hope that matters, is by accepting Christ as your personal savior.

Spirit Week Starts Out With Pajamas!!

boarding school, private school, christian academyAt CCA, end of January means Spirit Week. During the last week of January,

CCA students show their school spirit by participating in outfit choices that

are selected by the cheerleaders. And as usual, every Spirit Week Monday

starts out with Pajama day, where students and staff members wear their Pajamas

to school and get warm and comfortable – also known as the most lazy day of the

school year :).

Funny Pajama Day

boarding school, private school, christian academy

This week is Canyonville Christian Academy’s spirit week for our homecoming. We have a different theme for each day. You can never imagine what we did for the first day! All of us wore pajamas. Isn’t that crazy? People are walking around with their pajamas!! CCA looks sooooooo cool because almost all of our students dressed up for this day! Keep moving my friends and have fun for the rest of this week.

Christmas Adventures And Fun!!!!

Connecticut and New York ChristmasAfter four months of private school at CCA, traveling and cold, family is always the best to come home to.
I spent Christmas 2011 in Connecticut with my family.  It was a great reunion with celebration, family and fun.
I had a great time returning to my roots of African food and feasts.

And as the year ended, we spend two nights in the big Apple, New York.  For New Year’s eve, we went to Time Square to see the ball drop and thank God for the coming New year.

Big Christmas Break

Welcome back CCAboarding school. private school people! I bet everybody had a really wonderful Christmas break. For me, I went back to China. My family were so happy to see me. Lots of delicious food were waiting for me and my friends. 🙂

Students from this boarding school went to different places for their break, some of them went back home, some went to other cities to visit……

Well, though Christmas break is over, still happy to go back to school and I miss my friends all from China.

Christmas Is In The Air!!!

Christmas is finally here, and all we see when we look around is Christmas! School gets out on Friday,but we already have students heading home for Christmas.

Remember to celebrate with family and friends and most important, double check before you leave,
that you have all your flying documents such as passports… 🙂

Gorgeous Christmas Concert

We had a wonderful Christmas concert on campus last night. Our singers looked sooooo cool under the soft light. We performed seven Christmas songs total, like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Baby BornKing, One Small Child and so on…… Right after the concert, the school had already prepared dessert for us. Beautiful night!boarding school, private school, oregon

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